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But the ridiculous exhibition of temper and sulkiness that a great many players show habitually, only begins to be humorous when the game is over and the opponent of the irascible one is telling a congenial friend after dinner about it, and the offender is not present. To write of these fads, just to state in bold English what they are, is enough to show their absurdity. Aim your cue stick accordingly, taking into account any English or spin that might be necessary for achieving your desired outcome. If only the cue ball interferes, then it is placed as follows: if the object ball is in front of or on the head string, the cue ball is in hand behind the head string; if the object ball is behind the head string, the cue ball is spotted on the head spot, or on the center spot if the head spot is blocked. After the balls have been racked, the ball in the front of the triangle should be placed on top of the foot spot. Why they cannot move their opponent’s ball if it is in the way, or if it prevents them from placing their ball in the spot they require, or leave it alone if it does not, it is impossible to say.

One man insists on having his caddie and everybody he may be playing with, fixed behind his back and nowhere else-on the absurd ground, I suppose, that if they take up their position in any other spot they catch his eye. You cannot win a match if you approach and putt badly; but there are some courses, Sandwich, for instance, where you may just as well go home as dream of winning a match or making a respectable score if you are “off” your driving. Tennis, for instance, when you first fail to win a short chase, or your opponent keeps on serving nicks; billiards, when your ball is always under a cushion, or the balls dead safe time after time; cricket, when an umpire has given you out by a mistake of judgment-all these are trials, and they form part of the discipline of life. Still, I think, on the whole, increasing age does carry some compensation for golfers; and I believe that when a man has played some years, and his handicap, may be, is brought from scratch to three, it is often found that his short game, especially his putting, is rather improved than otherwise. Any ball may be played and need not be called.

Some versions only allow players to place the ball behind the line on the table, often called the head line or baulk line. The batsman at cricket protests in vain if he asks short-slip and point to move to short-leg because when he plays the ball they catch his eye. He has lost some of his length, he cannot force a ball out of its bunker as he did formerly, and his eye is not quick at judging the distance of about eighty yards which he has to carry to get over some danger. DURABILITY: The ability to withstand physical punishment over a long period of time. Pankaj: Yeah. So, the thing that I do is I sort of cut off communication with practically everybody when I’m traveling abroad, especially for international competitions, even national competitions, but even more international because you’re far away, different time zones. So m and n must be even. But even if this is true of clubs, there is yet another aspect of the question, and that is, the question of distance. Closely connected with the question of nerve is that of temperament.

The player with only an ordinary capacity perhaps may feel really confident with only one club, and yet has to play with several; so of him it may be said that every stroke-except that played with one club-is a trial to his nerves. A golfer by practice may improve his play with a club, but he very likely will find that, during the time he has occupied himself with this club, another has mysteriously failed him; and in any case the terrible ordeal of putting has to be gone through, and it is the painful experience of bad putters that practice does by no means perfect, but only causes new terrors to appear. The middle-aged player perhaps realises the fact that golf is a game, while to the youngster it is business: the veteran plays philosophically, and if he does this he may very likely find himself putting respectably. Most players improve in temper, or, rather, a philosophical calm comes over them, as they grow older; but there are some, forming quite a respectable minority, of whom the exact contrary is the truth, and the melancholy fact has to be recorded that they get worse and worse.

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