The NetEnt-produced Conan slot machine game

With this intriguing online slot game, you may delve deeply into Conan’s mythical world. Access a world of thrilling action and abundant opportunities with the NetEnt-powered Conan slot game. Along with 24 paylines that pay both ways and a plethora of other features, this 6×4 slot machine has a 96.28% return to player (RTP). Taken together, these elements create a thrilling voyage that is filled with mystery.

Utilize the App to Play This Game with Online Casino Bonuses

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Conan’s game highlights

The story’s captivating imagery and excellent graphics, which perfectly convey the spirit of the character and his adventures, allow players to fully immerse themselves in the action and experience Conan’s world.

Unlike typical slots, Conan offers an intriguing storyline encased in a novel gaming concept. Having several paylines that pay both ways is one of the inventive strategies that keeps players on the edge of their seats.

Players may select from three different free spins rounds on the Conan slot machine, depending on which choice best suits their play style and strategy. This increases the players’ chances of winning.

Ways to Face Conan

Ready to go into Conan’s thrilling world and play some online slots? When playing Dafabet App Conan, players are ushered into a vibrant journey across 24 paylines. From $0.20 to a high roller ceiling of $200 per spin, there is a wide betting range accessible in this game.

To start the game, just click the “Spin” button (represented by a black arrow), choose your stake, and press the button. Gamers may maximize their game experience with the Autoplay function without constantly changing things. If you’re feeling very brave, you may also use the “Max Bet” option, which will start all of the spins at the highest stake that the game will allow.

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